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Because Life’s Complicated Enough

Troubleshoot or Repair a Computer or Laptop

Is your computer acting up? Broken? Just not working right? Give us a call and we’ll come to your rescue. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home. You decided when and where the work gets done, and we come to you.

Eliminate Viruses and Malware

Viruses and malware are no picnic. Your computer can get bogged down and run poorly. Your personal data could be damaged, destroyed, or stolen. We can remove pesky viruses, install antivirus and antimalware software, and train you how to avoid getting infected in the first place.

Set Up a New Computer, Laptop or Smartphone

New computer? Do more than just plug it in, give us a call. We can set up your new computer, make sure it’s functioning properly, install anti-virus, and have it ready to go so you can get to work right away. Do you have a new smartphone? We can get it set up, too!

Tune Up a Computer or Laptop

Your computer needs love and maintenance, just like your home or car. Reward your hard working computer with some TLC! Your computer will run like it’s new again.

Set Up Networking and WiFi

Need wireless access to the internet in your home or office? We can make it happen! We can set up and configure your wireless router or modem so you can have safe, secure wireless internet for all of your devices. If you need a home network set up, we can do that.

Backup or Transfer Data

There is nothing worse than knowing you’ve just lost all of your important data because your hard drive crashed or a virus destroyed your files. We store so much personal data on our computers… pictures, music, documents. If you experience a crash, are you ready? We can set up onsite and cloud backup for you, and set it up to automatically backup your files so you don’t need to worry.

Set Up Your Email

Everyone needs email! We can set up your email or set you up with an online email account so you can stay in touch with everyone. Smartphone email setup? No problem!

Install or Uninstall Software

Need some software installed? Have a pesky program that won’t uninstall? Call us, and we can have your software up and running in no time flat. We also test it to make sure it works with your computer and recommend updates to your computer’s software (or hardware!) if necessary.

Install a New Device

You don’t always need a new computer. Many times, you can upgrade the one you already have. If you need more memory or a bigger hard drive, someone has to install it. Let us do that for you! New printer? Scanner? Digital camera? We can do that too.

Set Up a New Printer

Sometimes, you just need to put something on paper. Printers aren’t always easy to work with. We can set up your printer for you,  make sure that it works right, and is ready to print out all of your documents and photos.

Install/Re-install Operating System

Tired of the same old operating system? Is your computer nagging you to upgrade to Windows 10? Give us a call. Want to get away from Windows and try Linux? We can upgrade, install, or reinstall your operating system.

Wipe a Computer, Laptop or Smartphone

Are you selling your PC, Mac, or smartphone? Just bought a used one? Just want to start over from scratch? A complete wipe may be just what the doctor ordered. Make your computer like new again, and keep your important data safe from prying eyes.

Alpha Dog Systems Pro Service

Is there something you’d like done that we don’t have listed? No problem! Let us know what you need to be done, and we’ll give you a quote. We can take on most computer-related jobs with ease! From web design to print design to managed services and anything in between, Alpha Dog Systems is here for you.

Because life’s complicated enough.

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